About us

THE MINIART PROJECT was created in 2003 by Brazilian artist Clara Pechansky with the aim of showing, in a small format, a panorama of fine art work created around the world. Visual Art is a form of communication that transcends language. Just as the smallest word can have as much potency as the longest speech, so a small work of good art can have a major impact on the viewer. International Miniart Exchange gives artists a chance to make a single comment to an international audience.

Intercâmbio Internacional de Miniarte
International Miniart Exchange
Intercámbio Internacional de Miniarte

The exhibit size allows each artist an equal ground on which the artists can express their ideas. It also provides a single aspect that connects the diversity of cultural influences, and the individual creativity of participants. All exhibitions are coordinated by independent artists in their own regions, and there is no selection of works: to each edition, just follow the regulations

How to join the Miniart Project

For more information on the Miniart Project past exchanges, participating artists and their work, please check Exhibitions. If you are interested in participating, keep in touch with this website or visit our page on Facebook.

Questions? write to clarapech@gmail.com